Words become action.

Clear communication is clear thinking.

Who is the audience? What do you want them to do?

Knowing the audience, what is the best medium to move them to action?

When we wanted to change how local teens felt about the community cafe at Waite House, we changed our standard informational flyer to a well-designed ticket for “free admission”.

Clear thinking becomes exciting storytelling.

The well-chosen detail buries itself in the mind of the audience. Vivid word choice animates that detail. Creative use of the structure of stories—obstacles, actions, and characters—takes a hold of the audience’s heart.

The audience that feels what you want to say inside is ready to act.

Bridging the gaps between people through clear, creative communication makes everyone happier.

At the University of St. Thomas, I taught students how written communication will help them achieve their goals and bring more value to their work. At Pillsbury United Communities, we used creative communication to change how our neighborhoods used our services. MinnesotaPlaylist.com brought the artist community together, provided services they needed, and a voice they didn’t have before.

At Wonderlust Productions, we use the process of listening and storytelling in communities whose stories are often ignored or misunderstood to change the way power is distributed and connect allies who learn how to advocate better.

The messages we send to one another, in whatever format, can bring us together or tear us apart.

Let’s do better together.